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We are trained to operate in wilderness areas as wildland firefighters and wilderness search and rescue members. Many of us live in peri-urban areas either in or on the periphery or urban/wildland interface with the Table Mountain National Park. Wildfires are part of our lives. They often spill over in the adjacent suburbs. This means we have to help fight fires, often house fires, and in severe cases informal settlement fires.


We are a disciplined group of people who understand that it takes a great deal of training, determination and commitment to serve our communities. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times.

We have to help with large scale evacuations as was the case in Scarborough, Simonstown, Gordons Bay and Knysna when wild fires ran into urban areas. Often lost or stranded hikers or mountain climbers need to be found and rescued.


Partner with us in making this vision a reality in all our communities

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