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Below we describe what is expected from our incredible volunteers. 

A volunteer is who you are, not what you are. To be a volunteer requires a time commitment of 16 hours a month. Some give more time one month and less the next.  You give what you can, when you can. You will need to commit to regularly attending both formal and on-the-job training. We train on Saturdays and Sundays, and some week nights, depending on members availability. You will need to be available for call-outs and weekly duties as part of a duty team. You will need to have a positive,’’can do’’ attitude and be willing to take on the challenges that confront you. You give back to your community through outreach programmes. You need to be contactable (cellphone) on WhatsApp or SMS. You will need to commit to taking care of the uniform and gear issued to you. You will need to be willing to be part of a disciplined, uniformed team-based volunteer service and commit to a code of conduct. Other than that…..commit to have a great deal of fun  and working with a dynamic team of fun people in the process!!

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